Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Talking in Pictures

The goal of this page is to help bridge the gap between images and words. I noticed the results of an MRI study suggested image based communication could be used, where words are going unrecognized.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Liar, Liar, Berkeley Grass Catching Fire?

It is time we started telling the truth about some very useful chemicals, that are dangerous, when released into our environment, but can be very useful, once we unlock the hidden power of some very useful anions that bend the rules of symmetry in unexpected ways. It seems I have been slandered and, pushed out of the way, so people, can yet again waste chemicals and poison themselves and their children with substances. chemicals that can damage vision, hearing, sight and mobility or even kill a person or a turkey vulture are being misused to foolishly damage the circle of life. I hope people will realize, that forcing these chemicals on me, and dumping them into the environment, is just delaying my research and hindering me in working out the equations, for many useful small machines.

Mary takes confessions, Mary will know, where do you come from? where do you go? We come from the water, we go to space, thank God I'm out of that place. When London bridge was falling down, they used to lock their children up to protect them from the dangers of defoliants. Now can we see, many of the plants, warning us of the danger and growing in the places, we did not want them to grow. Berkeley bridge grass, dandy loins, bindweed, thistles, mellow plants and others, evolving, to warn us of the lasting danger of defoliants with brightly colored mutations.

So I go out to warn everyone with a periodic table, my degree in science a microscope and a few other things. Wearing my stinky red slippers and following the yellow brick road from Mccammon to Arrimo. When I arrive at my destination I took a nap. Noise on I-15 woke me up, so I went to tell the people at the construction site what is happening. They did not seem to see or hear me. This could be a symptom of exposure, so I called 911...I had a hard time describing where I was, so I went back to where I had come from and had them meet my in Arimo. I was not found, wandering on I-15 and I did not give consent to the hospital to give me any form of treatment. They assaulted me with needles, took my blood and even, tried to tell me my white blood cell count was high. No wonder after, what ever it was they injected into me! Talk about Munich hosing syndrome, or the poisoning of people to gain funding to "take care of them".

No sense in even naming the culprits, the behaviors are standardized. Officer grabby hands, has been trained, to identify the victims of chemical poisoning as criminals. I took electronics right above the pig grunting program...No wonder officers tend to view, anything and every thing as a gun or a criminal. This gets even more dangerous, if you consider the exposure to mind altering chemicals in "safe" doses in almost anything to increase profits. Both hospitals have been medically raping patients, with drugs that cause the Jabber-walks and trying to convince, people they need harmful drugs.

Since 1984? Since 1904?

Pounds fist on imaginary podium, with my experience and education, it would be negligent to release this information. Waves fist Manhattan Mangle Tr-in-ity, tell us the truth about the partials 3. Shakes finger The truth it was there, there in the wall, over there at Lewis hall. Alice, the queen said, paint the white roses red, the truth shall be told in the records of the dead.

Expresses surprise, than waves hands and wiggles figures.
Berkeley's Berkeley's

Then they go to the Trinity church to pray.
Rosemary Lewis leads a prayer with motions. The unstable anion song Holly Angle Zoro Line Wheal. We will re-amber forever, we will never forget it, turn your head an you will be looking at it. We will ride the waves, ketch a fish build a space ship go to heaven if you wish. Holly Angel Zion Will. Holly Angle Zoro Line Wheal...

The Berkeley Fire Department was established in 1904 and is said to have been the first motorized fire department in the western United States.

Munich hosing syndrome, hospital 1

Munich hosing syndrome, hospital 2

"Contact Information:

700 East Alice

Blackfoot, Idaho 83221

Administrator – Tracey Sessions

(208) 785-8401"

"Welcome to the Fire Department site at the City of Berkeley, CA."

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Politcal Pricsoner Mary Tormey Faces Extream Sensory Abuse, Needs Help

I am being held as a politcal prisoner.

Please call the State Hospital South Patients Rights Committee-State Hospital South at 208-785-8420 and demand my release. Please share this. I have been medically raped. This seems to be in retaliation for exposing scams and illeagle dumping of Hazardous waste.

Thank You

Mary E Ester Esther Tormey

Monday, June 5, 2017

Letter to Department of Energy

Dear Department of Energy, Thank you for the Iridium? May I please have a laboratory with students and unlimited grant funding, instead of being used in unethical research unscientific research? Also please try to do a better job of containing this stuff. It is getting into the water supply and killing people and causing seizures. Please understand this stuff is not good for wetlands.

Thank You,

Mary Ester Esther Tormey

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Shockingly, Temple Grandin Doesn't Know Everything

Yet again, Temple Grandin giving advice, without realizing what actually happens. In the poorer and middle class neighborhoods. I wouldn't Temple to go there and see, it would hurt her ears, so please remember, what you see maters and wright about it if you can.
"Help out at an animal shelter or get a paper route." I suspect someone put these ideas in my head when I was a pre-teen over 20 years ago...
Even opportunities like these take a lot of effort, form parents for little or no gain for their child. My parents paid for the tetanus shot, so I could work, like one day at the animal shelter before my autoimmune disorder started making me sleep all the time...The paper rout jobs, in my area didn't add up for those who had cars and since, what happened to the paper boy a block away, from where I grew up, my parents did not want to let their me out, alone early in the morning. When industries bully a profit out of everything, parents are scraping to make ends meet, and the water even eats through plastic cups after a few years, there really aren't a lot of affordable jobs for young people.
Companies need to realize that chemical and sonic warfare are not really as profitable as they seem...They are destroying their human assets with toxic conditions. If kids can't digest their food because the water is bad, they will want soda and eat sugar and many of them will get diabetes or suffer incontinence....Most of the available jobs in my area are in "healthcare" we have enough sick people, we don't need noxious weed mosquito abatement, to mess up the environment.
If they want to help, us get jobs, they should bring back the clean water, gardens and quiet places to sleep, they had back when Temple Grandin's advice was up to date.

So let me leave you with 2 very important questions, and 2 articles.

Question 1: What can businesses do to help the Autism community?

Question 2: The "Autism bill" helps parents pay for treatments, what would you do to insure those treatments where human? What treatments have you encountered that where inhuman.

Of course I will be eager to share your important incites.

Thank You Mary E Ester, Esther, Easter Tormey, (Easter added just to be festive)

"Temple Grandin on how businesses can help autism community"

"Autism bill gaining momentum, local organization stands behind it"

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Biggest GMO Danger is Aggressive Marketing

When it comes to food products, many people don't realize, how many food choices, they have already lost. The cost and "selection" of food is a major issue for people with food intolerance issues. Foods that last forever are very available, but other foods are becoming less available. Lobbying and dirty deals, deprived American of butter and sugar, promoting the sale of hydrogenated oils and artificial sweetener. Any time there is a war, it wastes food, because soldiers, eat food with more additives and use up more energy.

Than there is the issue of people loosing their land to taxes during the great depression, and the bring in of city regulations to force lawns and factory farms. Than the issue of chemical warfare, used to get rid of weeds and insects, in a vain way, to require reapplication, because products that worked would put the companies out of business. Now we have to pay many hidden taxes on our food because of laws made up a long time ago.

Genetically modified food is not about science, it is about monopolizing the food system, to improve profits. Selectively bread corn, caused the dust bowl, not because of it's genetic changes, but because, it was oversold, putting profits, before the web of life. Selective breeding, may have replenished the corn crop, but animals were famed separately creating pollution and hazardous situations. We have not been shutting down factory farm, but instead we have destroyed competition, and let irresponsible factory farms abuse pigs and chicken crowding them into disease causing environments.

When a lot of money goes into research on products, I see them being over sold. It is not so much the GMO apples and pigs that concern me, as the apple trees being cut down will the pigs are being forced out. Also these products seem to end up in grocery stores without good labeling. The store bought apples started causing me trouble, back in the late 90's. The pork in early 2000's and corn seems to have become a problem for my relatives, before mom and dad where even born.

Not only are these things not well labeled, but school kids don't have much choice. I tended to smell like poop, if I had anything other than soda pop at school. Even in the 80's my development, seemed stunted by lack of food choices. Before that my aunt needed an expensive pharmaceutical baby food, because what was available made her sick.

Groups warn of corporations promoting genetically modified products in schools

"FDA orders food manufacturers to stop using trans fat within three years"

Monday, April 3, 2017

Arimo City Councill is Violating my Food Rights

I would like to have the right to eat, and I feel very threatened by the recent harassment of farmers in Arimo. It is very hard for me to get safe pork, and the only supplier in the area is being bullied by people who are afraid of pig farts.

I can not comment on their page and have sound sensitivity so please feel free to help me, tell them I want food rights too. Mummified Hormel "Pork" makes me sick, it's watered down and I would like to continue to access safe pork, from well cared for pigs.

Thank You

Mary E. Ester Esther Easter Tormey (Easter added for seasonal purposes, in the hopes that I can maintain, the food rights I have often been denied in the past)

(208) 254-3507

Mary’s Color Theory of Microbes

Monday, March 27, 2017

Happiness, With Alternative Lifestyles

It is important to choose a life for the person that you are, not for the people you see.

It seems only natural to want what we see, but sometimes you just don't see a lot of people like you. Mary Temple Grandin, never had children, but she changed the world for many children. I am very different from Mary Temple Grandin, but certainly I exist because she existed. After my brother stopped talking, my parents read about how Mary Temple Grandin's mother had used turn taking games, so when my brother remained non-responsive they began teaching me.

I started winning and spent hours playing turn taking games by myself. This is really key to the person I've become, and understanding what I want in life and how to strategically achieve it, in a world where Mary's normally Mary raise a family become artists, counselors, doctors, nurses, professional wrestlers or even president, (I was born on presidents day, so my mother reminded me of the option). I want to be a teacher of physiological physics. So Mary has taken over the entire world by reproducing a Je suis Christ, a child named after the French words, for I Am at the 0 point on the time line. Note this is extremely important because it gives physicists a reference point to measure and prove evolution as well as population increases over time.

It is important to choose a life for the person that you are, not for the people you see.

Thank You

Mary E. Ester, Esther, Easter, Tormey
(note Easter is not my real middle name, but added in for the sake of festiveness and the rebirth of self.)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Teaching Brilliant Stupidity

I didn't just make a mistake, but I made that mistake. How did this happen? Even as a 2 bit toddler, I knew where to put things and where I had put things. What is it that prevents me from understanding this concept, now that I am educated? Biology is not a different subject from physics or chemistry. I see this as a symbiosis or mutually beneficial relationship of protons neutrons and electrons. So why don't the neutrons carry a charge? They don't need to. If what you need is already there, thanks to symbiosis, or mutually beneficial relationships, you don't have to waste effort fighting. Simple provability over forever time, would give the smallest life enough of an advantage to cover everything with a universal group of daughter atoms that work together to create a layered complexity of creatures. As the creatures get lager they add order to the tiny star dust lifeforms that live significant longer than humans. This is a forever in relation to the human sense and any growth is too small to measure, though various isotopes suggest growth, that growth would be, likely be to slow to violate Newtons law within many human lifetimes.

I'm not talking to myself, I have a internal peer review board in my head, I think I forgot to sleep when I went to bed.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pools of Peace

The goal of a pool of peace is to create a suitable habitat for both humans and snakes. Snakes are good for keeping bug and rodent populations down. I am posting a ruff design. Note the pools would collect water to support life within,and above.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mary Asks For Disability Payments, That Fully Support Rights to Life

This " research center" looks like a pretty extravagant expense, to a disabled person, who gets a full disability and requires outside funding just to maintain their right to life. As a scientist who has suffered serious mengeleing or "healthcare".

I find it disturbing to know about the Actinides, and where the wastewater has gone. Please help me explain how we can better use relativity by producing and publicly releasing a 3 denominational periodic table showing shapes of elements, and protect the rights to life of people with Autism.

Why should I be left to die in unsafe conditions or repeatedly hospitalized and used in unethical experiments, simply because my rights where ignored, back when I was a taxpayer? I let them do everything to me for 23 years and hardly maintained the Health to breath. I worked 5 semesters in a Liebig lab with hazardous materials will passing a full load. I did nothing wrong and I feel, I should have the right to live my life unmolested.

I remember very bad things happened before I was born, people where tortured with noise, workers where murdered instead of paid, children where cut open, starved and left to die. Poisons where added to food we made bombs and lived in fear.

We are the ancestors of Mary, let us learn of our common origin and insure we are ALL supported, lest we die in fear of our own exploitation, when an algorithm finds that we are no longer "useful".

Thank you,

Mary E. Ester Esther Tormey

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Peaceful Ways to make Power, Nuclear Power is Not the Answer

Mary found that by leaving weeds in her garden she could make it stay good longer, their are lots of good ways to store food, but be careful eating anything that makes food last longer, these things often waste more food than they save.

Gardening innovations that combine and make use of life can help ease the burdens of the hard winters.

We need to think small here, restore LIBERTY and remember our DIVERSITY.

Converting Mechanical Energy Into Electricity

How batteries work

Thank You,

Mary E Ester Esther Tormey

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Continuing the Molecular Machine Age Brain Storing Chalenge

Making copies: Mass producing simple copies saves time thinking and designing.
Found in all living things.

Congruence: larger or smaller versions, having the same measurements, things that are hard to measure because of size. Many large designs can be made into smaller ones.
Found in plants, algebra, shapes

Photosynthesis: Making glucose and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water with light
Found in plants

More ideas

More ideas

Decription of photosynthisis