Monday, April 3, 2017

Arimo City Councill is Violating my Food Rights

I would like to have the right to eat, and I feel very threatened by the recent harassment of farmers in Arimo. It is very hard for me to get safe pork, and the only supplier in the area is being bullied by people who are afraid of pig farts.

I can not comment on their page and have sound sensitivity so please feel free to help me, tell them I want food rights too. Mummified Hormel "Pork" makes me sick, it's watered down and I would like to continue to access safe pork, from well cared for pigs.

Thank You

Mary E. Ester Esther Easter Tormey (Easter added for seasonal purposes, in the hopes that I can maintain, the food rights I have often been denied in the past)

(208) 254-3507

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