Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Mary Tormey

Goal: Increase system efficiency

Education: Associate of Science Degree North Idaho College Graduated 2003

Skilled in Mathematics and Critical Thinking.

Knowledgeable in Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology, Game Theory, Art History, Theology, Space-time physics.

Work History:

Landscaping Idependent 3/2004-Pressent

Pulles weeds
Assists in yard work
Identification plants

Chemistry Prep Room Assistant, North Idaho College 1/1999-9/2002

Balanced scales
Created and set up labs for students
Cleaned test tubes properly
Necessary Haz mat training and experiance using Hazardous materials.

Miscellaneous props. for "Bed of Roses" in 1996

Other Skills/ Abilties

Proficient in Spreadsheets

Mary Asks Department of Justice to Recover Funding for Disabled People From Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Please recover money stolen from disabled people in fiduciary abuse scams,

I was used in unethical experiments. This caused me neurological damage, so I now collect full disability. Why is it, a hospital that refused to feed me adequate food forcing my parents to drive over 600 miles to bring me food on more than one occasion, can bill Health and Welfare over $40,000 for 2 months of abuse? I worked in a Liebig lab 5 semesters and nothing I'm having problems with is naturally found in food or suitable for human consumption.

I suffered worse than Deadpool and I can't even get $20,000 a year to meet my basic needs and they pay people a living wage to tell me the rules say I can't have food I can actually digest? Why are we paying Jensen Immunology and other companies hundreds of dollars a month to treat problems being caused, by things that don't belong in our food?

I have lots of training, but no one wants a person with audio sensitive seizures. have done a lot of research, been injected with hundreds of vaccines, gotten a degree in science, passed calculus, balanced scales, answered the phone, "Chemistry Prep. room Mary Speaking", without the help of family and friends, this would be a death sentence, for an inocent person and it's just policy.

The simple solution is, just don't eat it and everyone deserves the right to make that choice and still get enough to eat. Disabled people are being forced to eat poisoned food and take medications that block poison removal. Please help, many people would rather eat safe food then have painful autoimmune disorders that cost huge amounts of money to treat.

Thank you Mary E. Ester Esther Tormey