Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mary Warns Against Neutron Abuse.

Without Neutrons our whole planet would be nothing more than a hydrogen cloud. Neutrons seem to dislike being crowded into tight spaces and slammed into each other or at least that is how I interpreter their tendency to cause damage in places where this is going on such as nuclear enrichment labs, power plants and of course when nuclear weapons are used. Leaders talking about using nuclear weapons should consider that Neutrons have already created a very favorable environment for lifeforms like us, with the help of Neon and other noble gases. The human race could be quite helpful in increasing the temperate zone, by helping match Helium eggs with Oxygen nests to release more of the Neon that produces, all the useful elements we enjoy on Earth. Also we could easily simulate the hydrogen cloud and use Neon to lead neutrons into the cloud. Of course be sure to insulate with suitable materials considering e=mC^2 with C being 299 792 458 m / s according to a google and m being the difference in the mass of the products from the mass of the Neutrons and hydrogen atoms used to gain these products. Displacing Neutrons, like those, who hold more space, than we can possibly use, is not a wise use of chemical or mechanical energy, for any of our world powers.

Please be kind to Neutrons,

Thank You,

Mary E. Ester Esther Tormey

Mary Talks To Neutron Space Ship, Oumuamua Asteroid

This is a Hubble telescope image of a galaxy. Galaxies are made from hydrogen clouds, and lucky for you Neon gas is still actively creating Oxygen rich temperate environments, to support your growing population of Oxygen breathers. By transporting up to 16 Neutrons each, in 4 luxury 6 sided temperature controlled Neutron honeymoon sweats, to the hydrogen cloud, to be joined into all the elements needed for life in the hydrogen cloud.

"My favorite theory about the ‘Alien Probe’ asteroid is that aliens are intentionally ignoring Earth"

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Element Abundances in the Solar System

Mary to Justice Department, What About The Rights Of People With Disabilities?

Legos used to market drug that is, so dangerous, it now carries a black box warning.

I think the Justice Departments failures would make any decent person a little more than upset. People got upset just over Trumps use of reflective body language with a disabled person. Why shouldn't people be mad about the Justice departments failure to protect a basic right to life for the disabled community? The Pharmaceutical industry hasn't just engaging in fraud, violating our rights and stressing out services to the maximum, by creating more disabled people and increasing the disability of the already disabled, but now they are asking for more money on the backs of victims, who they have already abused and left to die.

What good is it for them to send me a letter telling me I can file a lawsuit? The fact I needed to apply for a grant in the first place when the industry already owe's me full support is a violation of my right to life, being denied this grant was just another slap in the face, for me, as a person who just wants to move on with whats left of my life.

Courts have already found Jensen pharmaceuticals guilty of illegally marketing Risperdal, yet I see no effort being made to pay back victims of this marketing. What I have seen is an effort to degrade us and deny us services. Pharmaceutical company controlled charities have instituted policies that make getting thru the door with audio sensitive seizures, just to apply for less than enough exploitative grants, designed to cause inflation of costs, rather than help the poor.

Peter Bell was on record as being a employ of Jensen pharmaceuticals in good standing, when he went to work for Autism Speaks. He was clearly acting on behalf of Jensen pharmaceuticals and against the interests of people with Autism. Many people might think Peter Bell is soulless and cruel to have even marketed this drug, but he would have been unaware of the frauds that lead to it's approval, until the Autism community started complaining, not just about breast growth in males, but about deaths, loses of function, diabetes, seizures, suffering and increased disabilities. The disabled community has not been paid back for any of these damages or for Peter Bells 6 figure income.

No one in their right mind, would think that ignoring this and letting insurance laws, that force payment without accountability be passed is justice. People with disabilities are not getting the access they need to food, clean water and housing. I get the feeling many of the flu deaths in Idaho could have been prevented, by supporting the most vulnerable people, without the "charity" obstacle course, exposing people to the flu, just to count their signatures as people who were "helped"...

Trump is not the worlds most tactful person, but it seems systematic murder of disabled Americans thru deprivation of funds that are rightfully theirs, should warrant more attention, than just telling them they can hire an attorney, when they don't have the funds to pay for basic needs.

Please, Department of Justice do your job and get disabled people, the living expenses they are entitled to. I am one of the few people who has been entrusted with Trinity Code and this "my nukes bigger than your nuke" thing deserves more of my attention.

Officials concerned about rising number of Idaho flu deaths

"Researchers Fail to Reveal Full Drug Pay"

Trump again at war with 'deep state' Justice Department

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Talking in Pictures

The goal of this page is to help bridge the gap between images and words. I noticed the results of an MRI study suggested image based communication could be used, where words are going unrecognized.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Liar, Liar, Berkeley Grass Catching Fire?

It is time we started telling the truth about some very useful chemicals, that are dangerous, when released into our environment, but can be very useful, once we unlock the hidden power of some very useful anions that bend the rules of symmetry in unexpected ways. It seems I have been slandered and, pushed out of the way, so people, can yet again waste chemicals and poison themselves and their children with substances. chemicals that can damage vision, hearing, sight and mobility or even kill a person or a turkey vulture are being misused to foolishly damage the circle of life. I hope people will realize, that forcing these chemicals on me, and dumping them into the environment, is just delaying my research and hindering me in working out the equations, for many useful small machines.

Mary takes confessions, Mary will know, where do you come from? where do you go? We come from the water, we go to space, thank God I'm out of that place. When London bridge was falling down, they used to lock their children up to protect them from the dangers of defoliants. Now can we see, many of the plants, warning us of the danger and growing in the places, we did not want them to grow. Berkeley bridge grass, dandy loins, bindweed, thistles, mellow plants and others, evolving, to warn us of the lasting danger of defoliants with brightly colored mutations.

So I go out to warn everyone with a periodic table, my degree in science a microscope and a few other things. Wearing my stinky red slippers and following the yellow brick road from Mccammon to Arrimo. When I arrive at my destination I took a nap. Noise on I-15 woke me up, so I went to tell the people at the construction site what is happening. They did not seem to see or hear me. This could be a symptom of exposure, so I called 911...I had a hard time describing where I was, so I went back to where I had come from and had them meet my in Arimo. I was not found, wandering on I-15 and I did not give consent to the hospital to give me any form of treatment. They assaulted me with needles, took my blood and even, tried to tell me my white blood cell count was high. No wonder after, what ever it was they injected into me! Talk about Munich hosing syndrome, or the poisoning of people to gain funding to "take care of them".

No sense in even naming the culprits, the behaviors are standardized. Officer grabby hands, has been trained, to identify the victims of chemical poisoning as criminals. I took electronics right above the pig grunting program...No wonder officers tend to view, anything and every thing as a gun or a criminal. This gets even more dangerous, if you consider the exposure to mind altering chemicals in "safe" doses in almost anything to increase profits. Both hospitals have been medically raping patients, with drugs that cause the Jabber-walks and trying to convince, people they need harmful drugs.

Since 1984? Since 1904?

Pounds fist on imaginary podium, with my experience and education, it would be negligent to release this information. Waves fist Manhattan Mangle Tr-in-ity, tell us the truth about the partials 3. Shakes finger The truth it was there, there in the wall, over there at Lewis hall. Alice, the queen said, paint the white roses red, the truth shall be told in the records of the dead.

Expresses surprise, than waves hands and wiggles figures.
Berkeley's Berkeley's

Then they go to the Trinity church to pray.
Rosemary Lewis leads a prayer with motions. The unstable anion song Holly Angle Zoro Line Wheal. We will re-amber forever, we will never forget it, turn your head an you will be looking at it. We will ride the waves, ketch a fish build a space ship go to heaven if you wish. Holly Angel Zion Will. Holly Angle Zoro Line Wheal...

The Berkeley Fire Department was established in 1904 and is said to have been the first motorized fire department in the western United States.

Munich hosing syndrome, hospital 1

Munich hosing syndrome, hospital 2

"Contact Information:

700 East Alice

Blackfoot, Idaho 83221

Administrator – Tracey Sessions

(208) 785-8401"

"Welcome to the Fire Department site at the City of Berkeley, CA."

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Politcal Pricsoner Mary Tormey Faces Extream Sensory Abuse, Needs Help

I am being held as a politcal prisoner.

Please call the State Hospital South Patients Rights Committee-State Hospital South at 208-785-8420 and demand my release. Please share this. I have been medically raped. This seems to be in retaliation for exposing scams and illeagle dumping of Hazardous waste.

Thank You

Mary E Ester Esther Tormey

Monday, June 5, 2017

Letter to Department of Energy

Dear Department of Energy, Thank you for the Iridium? May I please have a laboratory with students and unlimited grant funding, instead of being used in unethical research unscientific research? Also please try to do a better job of containing this stuff. It is getting into the water supply and killing people and causing seizures. Please understand this stuff is not good for wetlands.

Thank You,

Mary Ester Esther Tormey