Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Biggest GMO Danger is Aggressive Marketing

When it comes to food products, many people don't realize, how many food choices, they have already lost. The cost and "selection" of food is a major issue for people with food intolerance issues. Foods that last forever are very available, but other foods are becoming less available. Lobbying and dirty deals, deprived American of butter and sugar, promoting the sale of hydrogenated oils and artificial sweetener. Any time there is a war, it wastes food, because soldiers, eat food with more additives and use up more energy.

Than there is the issue of people loosing their land to taxes during the great depression, and the bring in of city regulations to force lawns and factory farms. Than the issue of chemical warfare, used to get rid of weeds and insects, in a vain way, to require reapplication, because products that worked would put the companies out of business. Now we have to pay many hidden taxes on our food because of laws made up a long time ago.

Genetically modified food is not about science, it is about monopolizing the food system, to improve profits. Selectively bread corn, caused the dust bowl, not because of it's genetic changes, but because, it was oversold, putting profits, before the web of life. Selective breeding, may have replenished the corn crop, but animals were famed separately creating pollution and hazardous situations. We have not been shutting down factory farm, but instead we have destroyed competition, and let irresponsible factory farms abuse pigs and chicken crowding them into disease causing environments.

When a lot of money goes into research on products, I see them being over sold. It is not so much the GMO apples and pigs that concern me, as the apple trees being cut down will the pigs are being forced out. Also these products seem to end up in grocery stores without good labeling. The store bought apples started causing me trouble, back in the late 90's. The pork in early 2000's and corn seems to have become a problem for my relatives, before mom and dad where even born.

Not only are these things not well labeled, but school kids don't have much choice. I tended to smell like poop, if I had anything other than soda pop at school. Even in the 80's my development, seemed stunted by lack of food choices. Before that my aunt needed an expensive pharmaceutical baby food, because what was available made her sick.

Groups warn of corporations promoting genetically modified products in schools

"FDA orders food manufacturers to stop using trans fat within three years"

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