Friday, February 10, 2017

Mary Asks For Disability Payments, That Fully Support Rights to Life

This " research center" looks like a pretty extravagant expense, to a disabled person, who gets a full disability and requires outside funding just to maintain their right to life. As a scientist who has suffered serious mengeleing or "healthcare".

I find it disturbing to know about the Actinides, and where the wastewater has gone. Please help me explain how we can better use relativity by producing and publicly releasing a 3 denominational periodic table showing shapes of elements, and protect the rights to life of people with Autism.

Why should I be left to die in unsafe conditions or repeatedly hospitalized and used in unethical experiments, simply because my rights where ignored, back when I was a taxpayer? I let them do everything to me for 23 years and hardly maintained the Health to breath. I worked 5 semesters in a Liebig lab with hazardous materials will passing a full load. I did nothing wrong and I feel, I should have the right to live my life unmolested.

I remember very bad things happened before I was born, people where tortured with noise, workers where murdered instead of paid, children where cut open, starved and left to die. Poisons where added to food we made bombs and lived in fear.

We are the ancestors of Mary, let us learn of our common origin and insure we are ALL supported, lest we die in fear of our own exploitation, when an algorithm finds that we are no longer "useful".

Thank you,

Mary E. Ester Esther Tormey

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