Sunday, March 26, 2017

Teaching Brilliant Stupidity

I didn't just make a mistake, but I made that mistake. How did this happen? Even as a 2 bit toddler, I knew where to put things and where I had put things. What is it that prevents me from understanding this concept, now that I am educated? Biology is not a different subject from physics or chemistry. I see this as a symbiosis or mutually beneficial relationship of protons neutrons and electrons. So why don't the neutrons carry a charge? They don't need to. If what you need is already there, thanks to symbiosis, or mutually beneficial relationships, you don't have to waste effort fighting. Simple provability over forever time, would give the smallest life enough of an advantage to cover everything with a universal group of daughter atoms that work together to create a layered complexity of creatures. As the creatures get lager they add order to the tiny star dust lifeforms that live significant longer than humans. This is a forever in relation to the human sense and any growth is too small to measure, though various isotopes suggest growth, that growth would be, likely be to slow to violate Newtons law within many human lifetimes.

I'm not talking to myself, I have a internal peer review board in my head, I think I forgot to sleep when I went to bed.

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