Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mary Warns Against Neutron Abuse.

Without Neutrons our whole planet would be nothing more than a hydrogen cloud. Neutrons seem to dislike being crowded into tight spaces and slammed into each other or at least that is how I interpreter their tendency to cause damage in places where this is going on such as nuclear enrichment labs, power plants and of course when nuclear weapons are used. Leaders talking about using nuclear weapons should consider that Neutrons have already created a very favorable environment for lifeforms like us, with the help of Neon and other noble gases. The human race could be quite helpful in increasing the temperate zone, by helping match Helium eggs with Oxygen nests to release more of the Neon that produces, all the useful elements we enjoy on Earth. Also we could easily simulate the hydrogen cloud and use Neon to lead neutrons into the cloud. Of course be sure to insulate with suitable materials considering e=mC^2 with C being 299 792 458 m / s according to a google and m being the difference in the mass of the products from the mass of the Neutrons and hydrogen atoms used to gain these products. Displacing Neutrons, like those, who hold more space, than we can possibly use, is not a wise use of chemical or mechanical energy, for any of our world powers.

Please be kind to Neutrons,

Thank You,

Mary E. Ester Esther Tormey

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