Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mary to Justice Department, What About The Rights Of People With Disabilities?

Legos used to market drug that is, so dangerous, it now carries a black box warning.

I think the Justice Departments failures would make any decent person a little more than upset. People got upset just over Trumps use of reflective body language with a disabled person. Why shouldn't people be mad about the Justice departments failure to protect a basic right to life for the disabled community? The Pharmaceutical industry hasn't just engaging in fraud, violating our rights and stressing out services to the maximum, by creating more disabled people and increasing the disability of the already disabled, but now they are asking for more money on the backs of victims, who they have already abused and left to die.

What good is it for them to send me a letter telling me I can file a lawsuit? The fact I needed to apply for a grant in the first place when the industry already owe's me full support is a violation of my right to life, being denied this grant was just another slap in the face, for me, as a person who just wants to move on with whats left of my life.

Courts have already found Jensen pharmaceuticals guilty of illegally marketing Risperdal, yet I see no effort being made to pay back victims of this marketing. What I have seen is an effort to degrade us and deny us services. Pharmaceutical company controlled charities have instituted policies that make getting thru the door with audio sensitive seizures, just to apply for less than enough exploitative grants, designed to cause inflation of costs, rather than help the poor.

Peter Bell was on record as being a employ of Jensen pharmaceuticals in good standing, when he went to work for Autism Speaks. He was clearly acting on behalf of Jensen pharmaceuticals and against the interests of people with Autism. Many people might think Peter Bell is soulless and cruel to have even marketed this drug, but he would have been unaware of the frauds that lead to it's approval, until the Autism community started complaining, not just about breast growth in males, but about deaths, loses of function, diabetes, seizures, suffering and increased disabilities. The disabled community has not been paid back for any of these damages or for Peter Bells 6 figure income.

No one in their right mind, would think that ignoring this and letting insurance laws, that force payment without accountability be passed is justice. People with disabilities are not getting the access they need to food, clean water and housing. I get the feeling many of the flu deaths in Idaho could have been prevented, by supporting the most vulnerable people, without the "charity" obstacle course, exposing people to the flu, just to count their signatures as people who were "helped"...

Trump is not the worlds most tactful person, but it seems systematic murder of disabled Americans thru deprivation of funds that are rightfully theirs, should warrant more attention, than just telling them they can hire an attorney, when they don't have the funds to pay for basic needs.

Please, Department of Justice do your job and get disabled people, the living expenses they are entitled to. I am one of the few people who has been entrusted with Trinity Code and this "my nukes bigger than your nuke" thing deserves more of my attention.

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